Two & Three Year Olds

At Cortelyou Early Childhood Centers, we provide an environment conducive to the growth and development of your child.


We ensure that while your toddler is having fun, they are learning the basic skills needed to begin building their academic foundation. Our two and threes program comprises an academic hands-on curriculum which ensures that your child enjoys the learning process at our center. Our experienced and qualified staff will respond proactively to your toddler’s physical, social, cognitive, and emotional needs and help him/her grow as an individual.


By instilling a sense of self-trust in your toddler, we encourage them to explore things on their own. We will engage your toddler in stimulating activities to enhance current skills, and learn new ones. The toddler program facilitates logical thinking and imagination in your child. Your child will thus become more creative and expressive, and experience a sense of accomplishment at the same time.


At Cortelyou Early Childhood Centers, your toddler will blossom into a well-balanced child.



UPK Program

Our preschool program has mastered the perfect blend of learning and play. We recognize the importance of play as it allows children to explore, negotiate, develop relationships and ultimately learn. We promote constructive learning through inquiry and exploration. Throughout the day, we provide literacy-rich experiences to promote children's literacy learning. Children receive a balanced literacy program, which includes oral language development activities, Interactive Read Alouds, Shared Reading, Interactive Writing, Shared Writing and lots of singing! We equally support our children’s numeracy learning through the use of math in everyday situations throughout the day. They learn about shapes through the use of math manipulatives, tally their favorite ice cream flavor, and create graphs to identify the class' favorite.


Teachers bring Social and Cultural Studies to life by taking children on excursions to explore their neighborhood, visit museums and libraries, On and Off Broadway plays and much more. Science comes to life through interactive projects where students form and test hypotheses. One such exciting project is “Can We Melt Elsa’s Hand,?” which goes along with the popular children’s movie Frozen. These interactive learning exercises coupled with music, dance and singing make CECC children excited about coming to school everyday.