Elementary School

Kendergarten through Fifth Grades


Elementary Program:
Our grade school program has proven to be one of the best grade school educations attainable in Brooklyn. We provide an enriched and vigorous academic program that caters to the needs of the highly gifted student as well as the student who can benefit from a smaller classroom environment. Our children are immersed into a curriculum that exposes them to advanced subject materials and provides them extensive learning experiences.


Our curricular activities include higher order of thinking assignments from these subject areas: English and Language Arts, Math, Science/Health Science, Social & Cultural Studies, Spanish, Computers and Physical Education.


This includes higher-level textbooks, giving oral presentations, writing book reports, engaging in debates (grades 4 & 5), science experiments and collaborative class assignments. We encourage our students to be competitive and also to practice good sportsmanship. Our students participate in our school based competitions such as Math, Spelling Bee and Science Fairs. Students are also recognized for their achievements at the end of the year at our awards ceremony.


Our students participate in NYS Testing Program. The students in our program are performing above level in English and Language Arts, Math and Science. Upon completion of our elementary school program, our students have the competitive edge they need to succeed in any academic environment. For more information about any of our elementary school programs, please call (718) 421-9581.